Hello all!

This blog post is to explain something MAJOR that my company Pivot Realty Group and myself are doing. Though we have numerous amounts of commission plans that suit our clients needs, I want to talk about one specific commission plan that I LOVE and a lot of home buyers can benefit from. I call it our “Buy Up Program”. This program is geared to help save our clients a TON of money while selling and buying their prospective homes with Pivot Realty Group.


Here’s how it works: In the majority of Real Estate transactions, the seller pays both the buyer and seller agents commission. Typically, that commission is 6%, (3% to buyers agent and 3% to sellers agent). 

If you are looking to sell your home and BUY UP in price, we will sell your home for free, cutting out the sellers (our) commission, leaving you with only having to pay the buyers commission to that given brokerage. Sounds minimal right?

Lets do the math: 


If your home price is: $250,000

A 6%, full commission on a $250,000 home is: $15,000 in paid commission.


With our buy up program, you will only pay 3% commission on the sale of your home, saving a total of $7,500!


And buying? That’s easy. We work for you for free. Just make sure you buy up in price on your future home.


This is just one way that Pivot Realty Group caters towards our clients. Ask any other Realtor will they cut their commission if you’re buying up in price, most likely, that answer will be no. Why would we do this, you ask?


“We Can Because we Care!”



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